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Ryliee's World  The soon to be Household  name for All things Girly, Fragrances, Skin Care, andPhone cases,  Proudly serving The Georgia and NYC areas with  Fast Shipping, and quality care!

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Looking for an easy way to get your favorite Beauty supply Products? Dont see what you need on this site? Simply Shoot is an email, with the name of the product your want (and maybe a picture) and we at Ryliee's World will do our best to add it to our inventory! No request is too small, We Value All!                                                                              RockStarRyliee@yahoo.com

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Think our items are already Cheap?  Wait intill we have a Sale!  Never miss a chance to Stock up! Keep track of your Ryliee Points, and Purchaces! Recieve Free Merchandise ! What can be better  ??        Send Your Name, Age and Favorite Product to us at RockstarRyliee@yahoo.com to enroll.  We look forward to your feedback!!!

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  • For comments or complaints send an email to RockstarRyliee@yahoo.com for a Promt Responce or You May also call (470) 808-8524